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Status: teeth are aching =[
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Sex: female
Age: 24
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship
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Rebecca|22|Australian|In A Relationship |Bi. Friendly, Shy Honest Fair
May be some words used to describe me. But no one can really know someone through just a few short words, you have to get to know them personally and always make sure not to judge before you get to know them.

I love to Laugh and giggle a lot im also somewhat of a movie geek i collect tons and tons of dvds. i love to take photos and have photos taken of myself it just makes me really happy i think there can be so much individuality and beauty in a picture regardless of what is in the photo, you will always find that there is something, something unique and something absolutely beautiful in photos.
Internet makes me Happy i just love to mess around on the Internet, especially VF chatting to people and meeting new people, playing a few games or just being random it's entertaining and makes most of the boredom go away.
i am one of those people who loves to read but it has to be a book i can see myself truly enjoying i cant read something that i know i will never like, it has to be something eye catching.
Im a picky eater, it's one of my flaws, but also one of my strengths because i know what i want, and i know what i don't.
Please feel free to message me or Comment


[*]Rain - i just love the sound, the feel and the smell of rain it's soothing to me.
[*]Humor - i love to laugh, and i love to make others laugh.

[*]Taking a stand - i like to take a stand for what i believe in, and i love it when others take a stand for what they believe in too.

[*]Chocolate - i must admit its so damn good.

[*]Family - family means a lot to me, every day im thankful for them.

[*]True Friends - the friends that are loyal and dependable and actually there for you.

[*]Honesty - I strongly believe in honesty.


[*]Fears - Basically anything that i fear, i dislike.

[*]Heat - i love the cold but can't stand the heat.

[*]Bad people - basically anyone who is trouble.

[*]Liars & cheaters - i really loath liars & cheaters.

[*]Horror films - i hate to say it but im one of those people who just cant stand to watch a horror flick, im just not that type of person and i find it very much disturbing.


Kizza is an amazing girl, very sweet and lovely i've known her for a long time and i love her. Kizza profile

extra just in case

Anything you want here


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