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Voltaire wrote, “There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.”
Status: Does anyone live in NYC I'm about to take a trip up there and I need friends! [View Updates]
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Sex: other
Age: 19
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Status: Single
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Member since: April 11, 2012
Last logged in: August 18, 2014, 11:24pm
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Hello all, thank you for visiting my page! I enjoy hanging out, playing music and dressing in drag, I have a huge appreciation for darkness and androgyny. Some people see me as a Badass chick. But I see myself as a badass to moderately cool dude. I love darkwave, jamming, obsessing over attractive men, people who are funny and creative, babysitting Dylan when he's drunk (NO), and fantasizing about being a rockstar.
People who are cool enough to be assholes, clothing, dressing in drag, goth outfits, playing guitar, smoking, ranting, sex, music, gore-porn, arson, guro, trolling, men with long black hair(its a thing), my rock and roll life style,fantasizing about being a rockstar,my friends, darkwave.
Abstaining from,sex,arson,smoking,playing guitar, dressing in drag, trolling, and ranting. Along with that I have deep burning hatred for people who are not bad ass enough to be assholes. Spiders (I love them as long as they aren't real, or corporeal)I hate anyone who tries to be anything just because their style says they have to act that way or listen to that music or like that color. I also hate obnoxious, whiny, and people dramatic people.
Favorite Music:
I love gothic/darkwave, glam rock,old hip/hop,metal, expirementalrock. and Folkrnrn70's Punk 80's rock 90's grunge,rnrn and punktechno/electronic, krautrock Visualkei, angura kei, and oshare kei. I play J rock, gothic, darkwave, alternative,punk, and, shoegaze, acoustic, americana and folk,

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