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Sex: female
Age: 57
oceanica ok no raccoon city ^^,
pueblo paleta xD,
United Arab Emirates
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Sexual Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Alchemist

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video games(RESIDENT EVIL,SILENT HILL, KOF, GTA, FIFA, GUITAR HERO, WINNING ELEVEN, BLACK, MEDAL OF HONOR, DINO CRISIS, FATAL FRAME, BLOODY ROAR, CALL OF DUTY, OBSCURE, ALONE IN THE DARK, GHOST RECON, DEF JAM, ETC ETC ), football, boxing, Music, friends, cigarettes, I like to walk when it rain, anime o lo que se le paresca XD(Dragon Ball (Z, GT)Naruto, Saint Seiya, Death Note, Sakura Card Captor, Inuyasha, Full metal alchemist, Ranma 1/2, Evangelion, Bleach, Samurai X, Supercampeones XD, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon (todas las sagas), One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Elfen lied, Shaman King, Hellsing, Yu yu hakusho, Love Hina, Las guerreras magicas, Chobits, Hamtaro, Blood +,Full metal panic, Medabots, Slam Dunk, Detective Conan, Beyblade, Saikano, School Rumble, Zoids (todas las sagas), Principe del tenis, La vision de Escaflowne, DNAngel, Gantz, Hunter x Hunter, Trinity Blood, School Days, Oh! My Goddess, Onegai Teacher, Mew-Mew Power XD, Hellgirl, Get Backers, ,Wolf's Rain, Basilisk, Zatch Bell, Marmalade Boy, Lucky Star, Nana, Burst Angel, Excel Saga, Vampire Knight, Nadesico, ,Musumet, Estan Arrestados...ETC) dinosaurio,dino

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Rammstein*Primer 55*Eisbrecher*One Minute Silence*40 Below summer*Slipknot*Hed Planet earth*Die Apokalyptischen Reiter*In Extremo*Skillet*Hinder*Aiden*Boys Will Be Boys*Sum 41*The Goodnight Anthem*Holiday Parade*All Time Low*Lights Out Dancing*The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus*Red Car Wire*The Medic Droid*You Me At Six*Bullet For My valentine*Blink 182*Green Day*Good Charlotte*The Friday Night Boys*Addison Road*The Used*The All American Rejects*Jimmy Eat World*Simple Plan*This Providence*Angels And Airwaves*Secondhand Serenade*Jamestown Story*Story Of The Year*Artist Vs Poet*Making April*Framing Hanley*Forever The Sickest Kids*Plain White t´s*Waking Ashland*Snow Patrol*Nickasaur!*Romance On A Rocketship*Electric Valentine*Rookie Of The Year*My chemical Romance*The Rocket Summer*Blood On The Dance Floor*Funeral For A Friend*Hello Hollywood*School Boy Humor*Go Radio*Summerlin*Insite*Zoe*Rata Blanca*Los Rabanes*Liran Roll*La Tremenda Korte*Embajada Boliviana*Karatula*Sur 16*Guffi*Colchon*Flema*Jumbo*Fakie*Kilometro 46*Audio-Romance*The Strokes*Deep Purple*, Baroque, Millphine, Panic Channel, Antic Cafe, Clavier, Heart, Vinett, Henzel, Lolita23ku, Shelly Trip Realize, Ayabie, Alice Nine, Bis, Charlotte,an cafe, zoe, sur 16... and more corazonBulbasaur,pokemon