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* May 23, 2015 *
VF Memorial Day Sale
Special Sale just for this weekend - 15% OFF EVERYTHING at the
VampireFreaks Store

Just use code "MEMORIAL15" to get 15% off your entire purchase.
We know we already did a sale this month, but a lot of you guys had issues connecting to the site due to technical issues during that time so here's another chance for ya!
This time everything on the site is discounted as a special thanks to our members.
Check out the VampireFreaks Store
* May 22, 2015 *
Happy World Goth Day!
Yes, 'World Goth Day' is a thing!
Today the world celebrates all things dark and spooky.
What do you guys do on 'World Goth Day'?
I'm not exactly sure how to celebrate TBH.
I'm gonna go be mopey and shit some bats or something. XD
* May 19, 2015 *
VF Photoshop contest winners posted!
Thanks to everyone that entered and participated! We understand some of you expressed concern about the voting on all the entries with picture props and next time we will narrow it down to fewer finalists to make the voting easier. :-)
Congrats to the winners:

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

View the full-size entries of the top 8 winners here
* May 18, 2015 *
Lunatik Hair Dye Model pics
New photoset from Lunatik Models NatyMetal and Yaz:

NatyModel with the Lunatik Frostbite pastel blue:

Yaz with the Lunatik Killer Candy pink:

Click Here for the full gallery and details
* May 17, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #336 - Breakdown
* May 16, 2015 *
VF Store - 20% OFF Accessories and Toys Sale

VampireFreaks Store - Secret Sale!
20% OFF Jewelry, Cosmetics / Hair Dye, Bags, Goggles, Gasmasks, Collars, Toys, Hats & More.
Use this exclusive Discount code at checkout:

Click here for the VampireFreaks Store
* May 14, 2015 *
VampireFreaks Photoshop Contest
Thanks to everyone who entered our VF Photoshop Contest!
Rather than do a poll, we're gonna have some fun and mix things up a bit!
All the entries have been uploaded here:
VampireFreaks Photoshop Contest Gallery
Give props to the pictures you like best, and the picture with the most props wins!
Winners will be chosen in 3 days (May 17th)

View All The Entries Here
* May 14, 2015 *
Site's back up!

Hey guys, sorry about the downtime yesterday evening and this morning, we had some unfortunate technical issues.
We got quite a few messages asking about the site and we appreciate the support!
On the plus side, we're working on changes that will make the site more reliable.
* May 10, 2015 *
Writhe and Shine #335 - Tipping Point
* May 08, 2015 *
Cybertron Covenant Video
Look at that, we got 2 Cybertron videos 2 days in a row!
Here's the video from last month's Cybertron, with Stimulate, featuring Covenant from Sweden and FGFC820!

Thanks to everyone that came out, was a sick night!
Video by Vonesper Studios.
Music by Covenant.

Next Cybertron is Tomorrow! Circus Edition, At the same venue (Santos Party House), with Coney Island circus performers, fire performances, stilt walkers, clowns, aerialist, free pocorn and cotton candy and more!
9/8/95-5/22/15clash_of_reality wrote:
Bo. You called me before work last week. We talk so much shit on each other, I love that I can always joke with you. It was awesome to hear your voice and hear how excited you were for the day. You've been doing really well! You have meat on your face again. You had your cheeks back. You looked like you! I haven't had to worry about you the past year so I didn't think too much of our last conversation. I love the way you call me duhhurhur. The way you look into my eyes when you call me your hurhur. I love the way you'd kiss my eyelids when I cried. I love the way you hug me because you tower over me so much. You are such a pain in the ass, and thats why I loved you. Some things we just never saw eye to eye on. I knew something was wrong the moment monks called, monks never talks on his phone, only texts. Little did I know, that at 8:04pm that my life was about to change forever. you're gone. I'm saying that out loud as I type this. I still don't believe it. I just don't believe it. You're gone, but you're not because I just fucking saw you. But you're gone because you're gone. Mom says they are moving you from the basement to forest lawn. I hear that, I i understand what that means, but, I don't think its hit me yet. I don't know when it will. I told you not to fuck with drugs. I told you not to fuck with needles. you never listened. No matter how many times I yelled and pleaded. I'm still calling your phone right now, expecting you to answer. You'll never answer again, and for some reason I'm still trying to call. Funny shit. 9:56pm, may 23rd, mom calls me and says on wednesday im carrying your body with monks and jesse and some other dudes. It hasnt hit me. I understand i think, but it hasnt hit me. You always said we were ride or die. Years have passed. I'm still here. You're not here. I watched you rise, I watched you fall. I was always there. Now you're gone. Ride or die, no matter what we promised each other we would always be there. I'm going to keep calling your phone. I don't know why. You can't answer

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